Working for 2 Bridge

At 2 Bridge we have a mission “together for another life”.


The strength of our team is extremely important. As a multidisciplinary team, we actively engage to ‘bridge’ different disciplines with the aim to ultimately reach a more streamlined and efficient outcome for our clients. We achieve this by actively listening to the expectations of our clients, and by offering solutions tailored to the needs of the project and client. We are convinced that the strength of our joined expertise and skills sets us apart from other service providers.

“for another life”

It is our ambition to improve the lives of patients by supporting efficient and quality driven development of life science products.
For our own 2 Bridge team, we promote ‘another’ working life, by endorsing a healthy work/life balance.
We strongly believe in the value of talents to make a happy and effective team.

We therefore conduct talent assessments with all our employees and freelancers to truly understand where everyone their strengths and talents lie. We use the talent assessments, to make the best fit for our tiger teams and projects.

  • Our clients benefit from these assessments as the selected team will be more efficient.
  • Our people benefit as they will be happy in the work they do, and will achieve above expectations.

We are always on the look-out for new talent, also freelancers. If you want to join our growing team, please contact us via

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