What we mean for VCs

We will make sure your investment is successful

  • We are an experienced team that has worked for many years within pharmaceutical organizations, both large companies, but also in small start-ups.
  • We have been through every step of healthcare product development from target identification to registration and commercialization.
  • We know the pit-falls during healthcare product development in multiple domains from drug safety over product quality to efficacy and even market value. This broad experience makes us the ideal party to assist you during the scouting for suitable asset, and also to perform a due diligence to determine the real value of an asset.

How can we do this?

  • Healthcare product development is complex and requires close interaction between different disciplines. 2 Bridge has an experienced team with expertise in the key domains of drug/device development.
  • We can review the scientific data on a potential asset, and evaluate it market potential or identify potential concerns or opportunities.
  • We can identify new opportunities for existing compounds.

What can we do?

  • Due diligence and opportunity scouting
  • Healthcare product development
  • Scientific and regulatory writing
  • Training and coaching