Upcoming Course – Key Considerations in Healthcare Product Development

An overview of the essential steps and key considerations

A one-day course – 2nd March, 2023 at  2 Bridge office, Zoersel

The healthcare sector is an ever changing environment. All elements in this ecosystem are constantly on the move: new insights in science and technology are only accelerating, leading to a vast number of innovations as never seen before; the image of how a ‘total healthcare solution’ will look like, is becoming more and more concrete; regulatory bodies are reconsidering their regulations, trying to keep pace with the speed of the evolutions; private and public health care insurers are looking for new models; patients and patient communities claim their role as active stakeholder; Life Sciences companies are seeking for a new position in the playing field, faced with an expanding number of new entrants, competitors and collaboration partners, …

At the same time some essential characteristics of the healthcare sector stay unchanged: the high risk but also high gain, the length of the development cycle, the large number of players and amount of expertise involved to bring a product to the market, the challenge of closing the gap between promising science/technology and a new patient solution, the still increasing budgets, …

This whole context condenses into taking into consideration the right elements in each step of the industrial healthcare development cycle. So a thorough understanding of those considerations (which ones, when at play, why they have to be taken into account, what are the implications, …) is key to maximize the chances of success.

Therefore 2 Bridge offers a one-day course on the essentials of healthcare product development, with particular attention to the key take-away messages in each phase.

The deadline for the registration is the February 17, 2023.

For registration, please visit visit our Training and Coaching page 👇.

Key Considerations in Healthcare Product Development