Meet our management team

Our multidisciplinary team (Tiger Team) comprises a highly versatile range of complementary specializations. Combining many years of experience with a variety of disciplines, we have immediate access to an extensive network across the healthcare industry.

Ann Meulemans

biologist, PhD, pharmacologist
Managing Partner & CEO

Ann Meulemans holds a PhD in Science from the University of Antwerp (Biology/Pharmacology) and a Master in Management from UA and Middle Management MBA from Vlerick Business School.

She has 25 years’ experience in drug discovery/drug development & general/strategic project management. As compound development leader (JNJ), VP early development (Movetis, Shire), and several C-level positions ad interim (small biotechs), she guided  >15 products in different disease area from target identification to human POC (Phase 2B).

Author of > 100 abstracts, patents and peer reviewed articles.

Past and current board member of Center of Medical Innovation, several start up biotechs, H. Hart Hospital of Mol.

Currently she is  managing partner and co-founder of 2Bridge CVBA and co-founder of Octimet Oncology.

Building teams around people and assets to bring the best out of both has become a second nature for her.

Geertje Van Beeck

industrial pharmacist (Master after Master)
Managing Partner

> 20 years in chemical-pharmaceutical product development, production and registration.

Geertje started her professional career as process engineer at SmithKline Beecham where she managed tech transfer projects. She subsequently worked as formulation scientist for Chauvin Pharmaceuticals Ltd developing a sterile aqueous gel formulation for ophthalmic use, and switched over to a role within regulatory affairs within this company. After 2 years within the worldwide regulatory affairs group at Wyeth-Ayerst Research Ltd. in the UK, she returned to a job in production at Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. After 3 years in the role she became a CMC project manager for Janssen Animal Health where she managed the development and registration of multiple new formulations for veterinary application. Before founding 2 Bridge, she was CMC lead for a GI development project at Shire-Movetis.

Geertje is passionate about CMC drug development and regulatory CMC. She is leading the CMC group at 2 Bridge.

Leen Thielemans

bioengineer, epidemiologist, PhD in medical sciences
Managing Partner

> fifteen years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D; from drug discovery to early clinical development.

Her career brought Leen to various renowned companies: Johnson & Johnson, 4AZA-Elbion, Movetis, and Shire. The scope of her discovery and early clinical development work was widened from immune-suppressive compounds, gastroenterology, COPD and hepatology. She also built up experience with the implementation of a patient reported outcome as well as the testing of biomarkers. Following the integration of Movetis into Shire, Leen Thielemans co-founded 2Bridge.

Leen is passionate about discovering patterns in complexity, translating them into scenarios to solve a problem.

Birgen Meuleman

Managing Partner

Birgen Meuleman has a Master in Biological Science and over the past 15 years gained progressively experience in Clinical Development.

His career developed in both a CRO environment (Harrison Clinical Research) as well as in medium-sized biotech (Movetis, Tibotec) and large pharmaceutical companies (Shire, Johnson & Johnson). With his refined project and vendor management skills, Birgen successfully managed smaller proof-of-concept studies as well as global pivotal trials leading to drug registration. In his current role as Clinical Program Leader, he strives for efficiency by optimizing operating processes and by maximising collaborators’ engagement while safeguarding timelines, quality and budget.

As managing partner, Birgen, is overlooking the finances and administrative operations within 2 Bridge. Besides his skills to work with figures, he enjoys interacting swiftly with all layers within an organization, which builds bridges between leadership teams and collaborators, between internal and external partners.