Training and Coaching

Each of our Tiger Team members has extensive experience in one or more disciplines in healthcare product development, registration and commercial production.

2 Bridge wants to share this experience with other healthcare professionals, students and people entering the healthcare industry.

We offer coaching and training, both on-site and off-site. Training sessions can be tailored to the needs of our clients and can be organized as webinars or workshops.

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An overview of the essential steps and key considerations A one-day course – 2nd March, 2023 at  2 Bridge office, Zoersel The healthcare sector is an ever changing environment. All elements in this ecosystem are constantly on the move: new insights in science and technology are only accelerating, leading to a vast number of innovations (more…)

  • Key Considerations in Healthcare Product Development 
    March 2, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

What people say

‘Interesting approach and vision, fun interaction’
Participant Training Session

Key Considerations in Health Care Product Development - April 2018

Do you also observe that an insufficient knowledge on the Health Care Product Development process hampers the interactions with and appreciation of colleagues, business partners and members of a collaboration? We noticed many players in the health care field do not have sufficient key insights and connections in the industrial development process. And we also noticed that an introductory one-day course from a Life Sciences Industry perspective was missing in the existing training offer. Therefore we took the initiative to develop such a course as part of the Open Innovation strategy of the Janssen Campus Belgium to strengthen the regional Life Sciences ecosystem. The objective is that participants will gain insight in the essential steps in the industrial Health Care Development process, the partners and expertise needed, and which are the key considerations.      

ICH-Q3D training - March 2016

On March 8th, 2016, VAPI-UPIP co-organised a free seminar on the recently implemented ICH Q3D guideline on elemental impurities at the OMC (Open Manufacturing Campus) in Turnhout. The following topics were covered in this seminar:
  • Presentation of the scope and content of the guideline, as well as the risk assessment approaches and control strategies to be followed (2 Bridge)
  • Discussion on analytical methodology and approaches to method verification/validation when testing elemental impurities (Toxikon)
  • A case study that presents possible approaches to risk assessments and control strategies (Expert team)
  • A panel discussion with team of experts and representative of FAGG/AFMPS

Key Considerations in Health Care Product Development - February 2016

The health care sector finds itself in the midst of a fundamental transformation. All elements in this ecosystem are on the move: new insights in science and technology are only accelerating, leading to a vast number of innovations as never seen before; the image of how a ‘total health care solution’ will look like, is becoming more and more concrete; regulatory bodies are reconsidering their regulations, trying to keep pace with the speed of the evolutions; private and public health care insurers are looking for new models; patients and patient communities claim their role as active stakeholder; Life Sciences companies are seeking for a new position in the playing field, faced with an expanding number of new entrants, competitors and collaboration partners, …