Proud to announce 4 new team members

We are very pleased to welcome 4 new hires.

About 6 months ago Ilse Bollaerts, PhD started as R&D Manager, QA & CMC (insourced from AdviPro). In the past 2 years, she gained experience in quality assurance and regulatory compliance in R&D and commercial GMP environment. Ilse is quality-minded and very comfortable working in a regulated environment.

Ellen Geets, PhD started as R&D Manager within the Scientific Development group on the 1st of April 2021. In the past 3 years she worked as a Functional Genomics Scientist for a large pharmaceutical company and through 2 Bridge she will be able to broaden her knowledge as a scientist within the omics field. Ellen is a team player with a background in obesity and oncology research who gained expertise in project management as well as evolved her leadership skills over the past years. For the remaining of her time, she will grant scientific advice in the various assignments for 2 Bridge.

Namkje van der Laan, PhD started more recently at 2 Bridge as R&D Director, Clinical Development. Over the past 20 years she gained expertise in (mainly early phase) clinical research in several positions, diverse research areas (pharma, food, dental) and in different settings, e.g. academia, phase 1 unit, global CRO and industry. Namkje likes to work in multi-disciplinary teams and is keen on translating scientific development questions into operational feasible clinical studies. Namkje is located in The Netherlands. 

And Dominique Van Looveren, PhD is the newest member of our team. She started as R&D Manager, Scientific Development and CMC. She has a strong background in viral vector technology and gene therapy. The last two years, she worked at the Translational Platform of the Leuven Rega institute (TPVC-Rega) focusing on CRISPR-Cas and viral-based vaccines. Dominique likes to find creative solutions for challenging problems to connect pre-clinical and clinical development, supporting development of novel biopharmaceuticals.


 We wish them a lot of success in their new roles!