2Bridge is certified for KMO Portefeuille to provide training

06 October 14

2Bridge is planning to organise training activities on drug development and product purity management in cooperation with Partner organisations. More specific information will follow soon. If you have any questions or needs on training, please feel free to contact us.

Newsletter September 2014

29 September 14

ICH M7 Step 4 implemented: ASSESSMENT AND CONTROL OF DNA REACTIVE (MUTAGENIC) IMPURITIES IN PHARMACEUTICALS TO LIMIT POTENTIAL CARCINOGENIC RISK. What is up? Which products are affected? What is new? What is the timeline? Further reading? How can 2 Bridge help you?

Newsletter July 2014

15 July 14

Updates are being expected for following Guidance documents on risk management of pharmaceuticals: ICH Q3 (Elemental impurities), ICH M7 (DNA reactive impurities in pharmaceuticals) and EMA (health based exposure limits in manufacture). More information on impact on the business and possible support by 2 Bridge is provided in attached Newsletter.

Eva Vets, New Partner at 2Bridge

16 June 14

We are happy to announce that Eva Vets has joined 2Bridge on June 16th! Eva strengthens the Team with her medical expertise and strategic insights in different therapeutic areas. She is valued for her enthusiasm and her analytical though pragmatic approach.

Sophie Dedrie, New Partner at 2Bridge

22 April 14

On April 22nd, we welcomed Sophie Dedrie as a member of our 2 Bridge team! Sophie is complementing the team with her experience in clinical development and a strong focus on human aspects to strengthen the individual and improve team work.

Birgen Meuleman, New Partner at 2Bridge

24 February 14

We are happy to announce that Birgen Meuleman has joined 2 Bridge on February 24th! Birgen is complementing the team with his experience in project management and clinical development, and he is valued a lot for his commitment to deliver excellence.

2 Bridge team based in Turnhout (Belgium)

11 October 13

2 Bridge is pleased to announce the occupation of an office at the Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC) at the Philips site in Turnhout (Belgium). As a service provider, the team is very excited to be the second inhabitant of this location with a rich R&D and production history, and looks forward to further opportunities in pharma and health product development.